Come See My New One Man Show…Opening Night Is This Sunday!

Everybody has a Mom, and every Mom has a story.

It’s my good fortune to have the opportunity to tell the story of my Mom.

Jenny Graubart was born in Eyesden, Belgium, a mining town near the Dutch border, in 1936, to Polish Jewish immigrants who had escaped the poverty and anti-Semitism of early 20th century Eastern Europe.

When she was three years old, World War II broke out, and her father sensed that Nazi oppression of the Jews was going to be many degrees of magnitude worse than anything Jews had ever experienced.

So he had the family running, first to occupied France, then to Spain, then Havana, where they spent six years, and finally New York.

My Dad’s side of the family, by contrast, had been in the United States since the late 1890s, so to my Mom’s eyes, they looked like they’d stepped directly off the Mayflower.

There’s a story here; in fact, there are dozens of interlocking stories about family, resilience, courage, and love.

And those stories, along with eight original songs I’ve written, constitute the one-man show I’ve written and now have the privilege of performing every Sunday night at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.

The show is called The Mom Show and it’s been all over the media here in Boston, since it’s the first live theater piece to open here since the pandemic began.

Last Sunday night, we had an audience of more than 60 people, many of whom were from families of Holocaust survivors, and they loved the show.

After having rehearsed it in socially distanced settings — audiences of seven people — it was an amazing experience to perform the show in front of so large a live audience.

The message of the show — the importance of resilience, moving forward, not bogging down, and loving one’s family and life itself — could not be more relevant as the pandemic winds down and we reclaim our regular lives.

I’ve had the privilege of doing a lot of cool things over the years — marriage and four great kids, singing with major orchestras on three continents, running nine Boston Marathons, running as a guide for runners with disabilities in the New York City and Los Angeles Marathons, and having two New York Times best selling books.

Aside from marriage and family, I’ve never done anything as complicated and enjoyable as creating, rehearsing, producing, and performing this show.

Best thing ever.

I want you to come Sunday night to our official opening night.

You can read about the show at and find tickets for this Sunday night and the rest of the run.

I hope you’ll make it.

Just tell ‘em…Mom sent you.

New York Times bestselling author, Michael has written, planned or edited more than 700 business books, business fables, and memoirs over the past 25 years.